How to find a good Chinese interpreter in China

* The making of a native Chinese interpreter

China is different from other countries ĘC its citizens are not allowed the access to television and radio programs broadcast from other countries, and there are not many English-speaking foreigners around with whom the Chinese people can practice their English, so there isn't an environment here that can enable the Chinese people to be bilingual since young age. The only way for a Chinese citizen to learn English is through university.

Based on a study, four years majoring in English in a university is not enough for interpreting for formal business occasions, as, at the least, he/she won't be able to have enough vocabulary. A native Chinese citizen needs at least 8 years to study English non-stop to have an English/Chinese interpretation capability that can contribute to the success of a business activity ĘC so the interpreter's age is an important factor.

* How about the cost for hiring a Chinese interpreter?

The cost of a Chinese interpreter can range from US$0 - US$500 a day in China, with the US$0 for university students who are looking for an opportunity to practice their English - so if you are only going for sight-seeing in China, finding an English-language student to accompany you is not a bad idea.

* How to find the good Chinese interpreter in China?

1. Directly phone the interpreter - have a chat with him/her, so you can get an initial knowledge of the interpreter's English capability;

2. Ask for the interpreter's resume ĘC see the interpreter's experience, but be prepared that some Chinese people are not used to asking their clients to provide references;

3. Use an agency, not freelancers - so you have a better chance of continued availability and consistency.

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