** Chinese transcription

Wherever you are, our Chinese transcription service can be commissioned at ease.

Just fax us your hard copy, email us your scanned images, or FTP us the audio material if the file is big in size, we would then take over the Chinese transcription / typesetting side of the business.

Delivery can be made in a simple Word file, or nicely laid out using a Chinese desktop publishing tool, then providing you with a PDF file, or even sending you the original artwork files ( in formats including Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, CoreDrawl or photoshop), so you can print them in your local print house - that is, if you don't want them to be printed here in China, which we can also professionally do.

Finally payment can also be conveniently made - through Paypal if the amount involved is small, or check when our service has become long-term, so there is no hassle for the whole Chinese transcription / typesetting process.

* Chinese translation service by a reputable and trusted Chinese translation agency *