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1. 请你认识我们。本翻译公司网站所有其他的内容都是正式、商业性的内容,在这里,我们想放进一些人性化的东西。这样,我们在你的眼中或许不再是一个遥远、模糊的印象。

2. 体现我们的英语水平。作为翻译公司,应该向客户展示自己的外语水平。因不便发布任何有关客户的资料,这里只是搜集了一些员工自己的个人文章。不过请注意,这些小文章的出台背景均是于2000年前在很短的时间内有感而发即刻写出来的,欢迎大家进行交流。

1. Daily Walking? Daily Reading?

Now I've finally moved into a new house. Which is comfortable, and very importantly, closer to the office, this saves me 2 hours every day spent on the road before.

Coming with it, I now promise myself that I will walk every day to and from the office. As recently, I've noticed some subtle changes in the shape of my body, a sign of coming of age or of not exercising?

But also there is a downside: before, while I spent 3 hours on the road, I was spending 40 minutes out of it reading my English magazines, now this opportunity is gone. So I have to find some other time to compensate for this???

Was this a SMART move?

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