** Chinese DTP:
Chinese desktop publishing for marketing documents. We will deliver the Chinese translation back in perfectly laid-out format, ready for print either in your own country or in China.

** Film & Color Proof:
In case you want your materials to be printed in China, our film output and color proof service can make sure the text is 100% correct after this last verification process and the color meeting your specific requirements when the print is done on Chinese papers.

** Print:
Supported by the best printing machinery and experienced operators, plus our dedicated professional staff, you can be rest assured that your collateral will be produced with highest quality in text, color and paper, and the quality will remain consistant with subsequent material prints.

** Distribution:
Do you want to distribute your collateral to anywhere in China? Let's do it for you, so you can focus on other and more important tasks.

Satisfied with our Chinese translation service? We are aiming for the same results with our Chinese Desktop Publishing service.

As a Chinese DTP provider in Beijing China, we have serviced clients who, like you will be, first were satisfied with our translation and then found our DTP artwork to be equally well done.

Layout the Chinese? Or want to make a Chinese brochure, Chinese leaflet, Chinese name card? Try us!

Language pair: English - Chinese (simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese)

Chinese desktop publishing softwares:
Illustrator; InDesign; PageMaker; CoreDraw; PhotoShop

Please also have a look at our Chinese interpreter and Chinese media monitoring services.

* Chinese translation service by a reputable and trusted Chinese translation agency *