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Notice to job applicants:

This notice only applies to English language translators (majored in English in a university) or industry specialists (who translates by using English, but not majoring in English in a university), other language translators please kindly visit next page:

1.We put a lot of emphasis on your English language skills. When you are applying to work with us, please make sure to include an English article written by you (or translated into English by you) that you think can best demonstrate your English language skills. Most English resumes are not enough for us to see the writer's English capability.

2. This article has to be written (or translated into English) by yourself, without any other people helping you with proofreading, editing, polishing, etc. It's accepted without reservation that you used tools like a dictionary to check out, confirm or look for words.

3. This is only for us to know clearly your real English level, to prevent an unhappy cooperation, and to save everyone's time.

4. For industry specialists who were not majoring in English in a university, too much worrying about your english in this article is not necessary, we would take everything into our consideration and make comparisons.

5. Because of the volume of the application letters coming in, it would not be possible for us to reply every applicant. We would put the qualified translator's information into our database, and should an opportunity arises, we shall then get in touch.