* Chinese translation service by a reputable and trusted Chinese translation agency *

As a local Chinese translation agency based in Beijing, China, we have been providing professional Chinese translation services to clients from various industries throughout the world. Thanks to our quality and consistency, we were able to maintain long-standing relationships with a great majority of these demanding customers, who, after some testings and comparations, have eventually decided to designate us as one of their few top-tier vendors.

All the source files entrusted to our agency are translated by highly qualified Chinese translators, and then proof read by seperate linguists. Our professional English / Chinese translation team has proven experiences in various industries with all kinds of documents.

Industry examples:
Insurance, Electronics, Law, Real Estate, Automation, Advertising, Aerospace, Chemical, Environment, Mechanic engineering, Construction, Transportation, Economy and Finance, Science and Education, Energy, Agriculture, Automobiles, Commerce and Trade, Biology, Food and Beverage, Telecommunications, Literature, Entertainment, IT, Metallurgy, Medical, etc.

Documents examples:
Website text, Bidding documents, Finance report forms, Product and operations manuals, Company management documents, Cinema and TV films, Market research, Personal documents, Contracts and other commercial documents, Books and magazines

Contact us now, we might just be the Chinese translation company you are looking for, to provide you with the reliable Chinese translation service.

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