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Website Localization, into Chinese.

When you have the Chinese market in mind, a Chinese website cloned from your English version would become necessary, as surely, most Chinese find it easier to read Chinese, and this Chinese website would improve your image in the Chinese market and prove your commitment to it.

And what is the better way than to use us to localize your website into Chinese, and making it exactly the same as your English version? - We have proved to you our translation quality, and we have all the tools and manpower to take care of your website localization project.

The benifit for you is that you don't have to retain two vendors when one can do the job, saving you lots of time and energy; while at the same time, quality and efficiency can be better controlled.

So what can we do for your website?

1. Translating the English texts.
2. Re-making the images (jpg, bmp, gif etc, replace English with Chinese)
3. Re-making the flash (replace English with Chinese)
4. Re-making the website/webpage (replace English with Chinese)
5. Updating contents in sync with the English website

Quote to be provided upon request!