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1. Client e-mail, fax or send hard copy to EPK the original document. EPK account manager checks with client about the availability of past translated samples and glossary, as reference and to keep consistency.

2. Account manager assigns the task to the best suited translator with the most industry knowledge. Layout the timeline, and take out company industry glossary to share with the translators.

3. Hold regular meetings among the translators during the translation process, renew the glossary.

4. When the group translation is done, a senior translator read through the translation to keep in consistency the style and word usage.

5. Final translated document is sent to client either by e-mail, a hard disc or hard copy. Account Manager file in the project, renew the glossary.

6. Account Manager get feedback from client, make necessary changes and return.

7. Account Manager assigns the translated material together with original document and client company VI requirement to DTP manager.

8. If print is needed, Account Manager send source file for film production and to the print house.

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